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3 Comments on “Contact

  1. Watch any which way but loose and make songs

    The guy with an orangutan.

    Don’t think the will give you the rights but worth a shot.

  2. Hola!!!
    Greetings from Made In Texas Radio. I’m trying to find out which single you are currently working. We would like to spin some of your songs.

    Thank you,

    Jen Gidel
    Music Director

  3. Hey guys,

    My name is Nathan and I love your “Guy on a buffalo” videos. I was curious about doing something similar for my Gaming youtube channel. I was wondering would you guys allow me permission to use the “guy on a buffalo song” with different lyrics to make a series on my Gaming channel or would you want to collaborate with me on it. I know yall are prob busy with touring and stuff so I don’t want to bother you with it. Just let me know what you think I could monetize and split the ad revenue or just choose not to monetize at all and use it to build more interest on our channels. Thanks for taking time to read this. Hope you guys have a blessed day.


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