Rap Attack: Vol 1

Jomo & The Possum PosseSince the band started performing, back around the turn of the century (this last one), we’ve always used cover songs to fill in the gaps in our set list. Especially in the early days when we only had like 2 or so original songs (Back then, four-hour sets were doable, but at least one of those songs had to be longer than 3 hours).

We always liked interpreting songs from other genres, mainly so we wouldn’t be compared directly against the originals and deemed sub-standard. By re-imagining songs, we don’t have to be as good as the original, just different. And we excel at being not good, but different.

So not too long after we started reinterpreting rap, hip-hop and girly pop songs, our fans wanted recordings of them. We told them it would be silly and financially impractical to record those songs. Then after so many people asked, we thought, “what the heck?” and went for it, recording our favorite four.Turns out we were right with our first assessment .

But our misfortune can work in your favor. The Rap Attack: Volume 1 EP is now available, and should you grab a copy, you’ll probably be the only person you know who has one. So that’s positive.